The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs summary:

Red Eyes summary:
My war isn't over!
One mobile suit infantryman's personal battle resumes as a red fire blazes again in his eyes!

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Jinrouki Winvurga summary:

Description :
In the era of space exploration. Mankind is at war against monsters of unknown origin. The battle is grim, and the future looks bleak. Amidst the chaos, mankind plays their last hand. It's time for the Knights to step into the fray and turn the tide of this war.

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A new Code Geass manga that was reported to set during the period of Emperor Lelouch!
Recommended to watch the anime before hand!
Suddenly, a fleet of ships with mysterious super-weapons called the "Fleet of Fog" appeared all around the world. Humanity didn't have the technology to fight such a fleet, so they were driven out of the sea...